Cyclic Redundancy Code/Check (CRC) Resources

Here are some CRC resources I've found useful.


CRC Polynomial & Code Collections:

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  1. Dear Dr. Koopman,

    Thanks for the great work and excellent website on CRC. I was studying your example on page 44 of the final report document and I think there might be an error in the overall 0X327 coverage shown below in yellow highlight. I believe this term should 23126/combin(522,3). Please advise?

    0 x 327 coverage: 1 – (1 – 2.35699e-17*(23126/(522*521*520)))72000, which is so small that it gives a numeric underflow when computed, but can be approximated to be 3.8543e-21 Pud/message * 72000 msgs/hr = 2.776e-16/hr undetected errors.

    23126/(522*521*520)= 1.6353e-04

    23126/combin(522,3) = 9.8116e-04.

    Best regards,



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