Monday, October 24, 2016

Training Video Series

Summary: My startup company is launching a series of training videos.  Here's an overview.

(This blog posting is an ad for my startup company ... but it also has links to free training videos!)

Edge Case Research:

I have a startup company that has built a brisk business in design reviews, robustness testing, and software safety.  We're building on the 20 years and 200 design reviews I've done working with industry partners on a variety of embedded systems. We're also building on my long collaboration with my co-founder Mike Wagner and others at the National Robotics Engineering Center doing autonomy validation and safety.

We do a lot of work with autonomous systems (robots, self-driving cars), but also with consumer electronics and industrial controls. In general the idea is that we have a dedicated team of embedded system experts who can help companies with both the technical aspects of their product and their software development processes. Our strengths are:
If we can help you with your embedded product just let us know!

Free Training Videos:

One of the things we have found is that there are a number of common areas in which our customers (and probably many others) could use some help with in terms of updating technical and process skills.  Thus, we're launching a video training series to help with the topics we most commonly see as we review projects.

To access the full videos for free, visit our video library page here.  If this is successful we'll add more videos over time, possibly requiring registration and/or a subscription for the full library.  But the ones there now are free, and I expect that these particular videos will stay free indefinitely.  Please respect our copyright and substantial investment in creating them by pointing people there to view them instead of trying to download the full length videos.

We also have a YouTube channel with just the previews that you can subscribe to if you want notification of new videos as they come out.

Hope you enjoy these!

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