Monday, March 12, 2018

Embedded Code Quality and Best Practices Training Videos full length

I've posted the full series of my available embedded system code quality and related best practices videos on YouTube.  These are full-length narrated slides of the core set of safety topics from my new course.  They concentrate on getting the big picture about code quality and good programming practices.
Each of the videos is posted to YouTube as a playlist, with each video covering a slide or two. The full lecture consists of playing the entire play list, with most lectures being 5-7 videos in sequence. (The slide download has been updated for my CMU grad course, so in general has a little more material than the original video. They'll get synchronized eventually, but for now this is what I have.)

Obviously there is more to code quality and safety than just these topics. Additional topics are available slides-only.  You can see the full set of course slides including for those lectures and others here:


  1. Nit: the links for the slides are not working.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. The slides will end up moving around once a year as the course lecture sequence is modified. So rather than trying to remember to update the links anyone who wants the slides should go to the URL at the end which is the repository that will get updated.


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